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What is the best product to put on a new or old tattoo?

A tattoo, new or old, deserves care. The collective goal of tattoo aftercare is to ensure that a tattoo remains infection free, without irritation, and the ink should shine. As your skin ages, the tattoos on it will need more care.

 Why use CBD oil for tattoo aftercare?

CBD oil is an extract of hemp or cannabis that promises benefits for tattoos, including continued shine, inflammation relief, infection protection, and longer-lasting tattoos.

There is evidence that the religious application of CBD oil can keep the skin looking younger for longer. 

What products can you use to keep tattoos looking good as you age?

Below is everything you need to know. 

CBD for tattoo aftercare: quick take. 

  • Hydration and moisturization can extend the aesthetics of a tattoo (keeps the skin elastic and free of dryness).
  • Wear sunscreen to protect tattoos from UV ray damage and photosensitive allergic reactions. 

How do you keep a tattoo from aging poorly?

How old is the tattoo? 

Old and new tattoos have different care needs. For instance, it is ill-advised to scrub new tattoos as it may cause injury, infection, or aesthetic damage.

Old tattoos require regular scrubbing to keep them and the skin looking young. 

In general, what you need to remember is:

Is it normal for muscles to be sore after a tattoo?

After getting a new tattoo, it is normal to experience mild pain and sore muscles. Depending on the affected muscles -soreness could last a week or more.

However, one should not experience fever, oozing pus, or pain that progressively gets worse. If you experience the added symptoms, it could be a sign that the tattoo is infected and thus in need of urgent medical care. 

CBD oil for tattoo aftercare: How do you relieve sore muscles using CBD oil?

One way to get rid of sore muscles is a gentle massage. However, it is generally recommended that you avoid massaging new tattoos.

Massaging a new tattoo is problematic in that it can cause pain, irritation, or infection.

Use CBD roll-ons to relieve muscle soreness

The product below is formulated to soothe muscle pain, inflammation, and soreness. As a roll-on, you may use it to gently massage old or new tattoos without using your fingers.

That way, you reduce the risk of aesthetic damage and infection. 

Icy Hemp Roll-on by Today’sorganix promises muscle soreness relief caused by workouts, aging, and illness. 

Why use it?

  • The product has a cooling effect and can thus be used to relieve heat on the skin and inflammation or irritation. Apply it if your tattoo itches, burns, or is inflamed. There is no risk of interactions with topical antibiotics. 
  • You may combine the product with petroleum jelly to form a protective layer on top of your tattoo. That will prevent infection, inflammation, and aesthetic damage. 

For sore muscles, we recommend:

Tip. You may warm petroleum jelly, then mix it with either product to create a fusion that you may use to protect the skin. 

How do you keep a tattoo from aging poorly?

A combination of CBD oil, coconut oil, and a care routine, as described below, can keep new tattoos from aging poorly. 

Coconut oil is good for new tattoos in that (1) it keeps the tattoo moisturized. (2) coconut oil is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction when applied topically (for the majority). (3) coconut oil keeps the skin and tattoo looking young and healthy.

When coupled with CBD oil, the combined benefits include healthier skin and lasting tattoos.

To avoid poor aging, experts recommend coupling religious application of CBD oil, coconut oil, or petroleum jelly and the following:

  • Limit exposure to the sun or UV rays. Extended exposure to the sun can cause not only allergic reactions but also pigment damage. You may use sunscreen or wear protective clothing.
  • Follow care instructions. Tattoo artists in the US are required by law to provide care instructions. Following instructions can help keep the tattoo from fading prematurely or damage. 
  • Avoid over-cleansing or exfoliating tattoos. Occasional scrubs are okay for healed tattoos, but too much scrubbing can cause the tattoo to fade faster (see below). 

In general, if you want your tattoo to last longer, you should:

  • Locate it on a body part that experiences the least friction and changes. With time, you will gain or lose weight, and friction will cause chaffing and ink to fade. You want to avoid skin-to-skin and skin-to-material friction.
  • Keep the skin hydrated. Recommend staying hydrated and keeping the skin moisturized to prevent drying and damage. 

How do you maintain old tattoos using CBD oil?

On average, it takes one week to a month for a tattoo to heal. After the first year, you have to do the following to keep the tattoo from fading.

How do I know if my tattoo is fading?

During the healing process, tattoos appear to fade. Once the process is done, the color will come back depending on care. 

What to remember:

  • Tattoos located on hands, feet, or areas that experience friction fade faster.
  • Weight gain and loss have effects on skin elasticity and can contribute to fading. 
  • Avoid excessive scrubbing, washing, or submerging new tattoos. 

CBD oil for tattoo aftercare: How do you know when to clean or exfoliate a tattoo?

As mentioned, a tattoo is an open wound. Washing a tattoo using antimicrobial soap helps prevent infection. 

Because of that, you must:

  • Gently wash the tattoo once daily and apply CBD oil or petroleum jelly until it heals. 
  • After healing (recommend waiting 6 months to one year),  you may gently scrub the tattoo to remove dead skin, and debris, and to prevent infection.

We recommend:

CBD oil for tips you should be aware of

Over time, a tattoo becomes part of your identity. Consequently, it is vital to take proper care of it. 

Based on expert recommendations, you should:

Use CBD oil to treat dry skin and prevent tattoo fading

For tattoos, having dry skin is problematic because dryness contributes to fading. That happens because without moisture, the skin peels and becomes wrinkly and rough, itching can cause scratching, and dry skin increases the risk of infection and aesthetic damage. 

Why use CBD moisturizers for dry skin?

According to multiple studies, CBD oil exhibits anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Consequently, as a moisturizer, CBD oil can help keep skin free of infection, dryness, and damage.

Additionally, CBD has an excellent safety profile. Meaning, topical application is unlikely to cause adverse side effects. 

How can I keep my tattoo moist?

Remember, dry skin can be a product of your environment, excessive scrubbing or bathing, your skincare routine, aging, or heat exposure. 

Religious application of CBD oil or moisturizer can help keep the skin from drying. 

Use CBD oil to manage weight.

Weight fluctuations cause changes in skin elasticity. Because of that, if you intend to gain or lose weight and have control over the process, do it gradually. 


Unlike sudden weight changes, slowly losing or gaining weight is less likely to affect tattoo aesthetics. 

There is evidence that CBD oil may help users maintain healthy body weight. However, you should also:

  • Eat a healthy diet to improve skin health and elasticity. 
  • Exercise regularly.