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What is a good shampoo to use on my dog?

According to veterinarians, the best type of shampoo to use on a dog is one that is irritant-free, has natural ingredients, and is gentle on skin and fur. CBD dog shampoos go beyond pest removal/ prevention and cleansing.

Due to cannabidiols’ anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, and anxiolytic qualities, regular use can improve not only skin health, but also fur and coat quality. With safe natural ingredients, including lavender and rosemary, you need not worry about dryness, irritation, contact dermatitis, and other issues that may stem from getting the wrong shampoo. 

Quick take: What is a good shampoo to use on my dogs?

  • CBD shampoos balance skin and hair PH, can treat and prevent multiple illnesses and relieve stress -improving hair growth and quality.
  • Avoid shampoos that contain artificial fragrances, dyes, parabens, and human shampoos. 
  • Avoid overusing antimicrobial shampoos as they may increase the risk of allergy, cause hormonal disruption, or trigger immune response including itch and inflammation.
  • CBD shampoos can repel microorganisms with little to no risk of adverse side effects. 

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How do you choose the right shampoo for your dog?

When picking shampoos for a dog it is essential to consider the animal’s coat, state of health, activity level, and exposure. In general, you want a shampoo that gets the job done without causing dryness, irritation, allergic reaction, or adverse side effects. 

Short-haired dog’s shampoo requirements

Short-haired dogs have a lower risk of developing skin ailments or harboring pests/parasites. Because of that, one can get away with shampooing short-haired dogs once or twice per month. 

When picking a shampoo for short-haired dogs, what you must consider is:

  • How active is the dog? Outdoor dogs roll in the mud, dig, and are likely exposed to pollution, smoke, and so on. Because of that, they require frequent baths because short hair equals less protection for the skin. CBD shampoos are perfect for short-haired dogs because (1) they protect the skin from bacteria and multiple ailments stemming from skin exposure to the elements. (2) hair loss or damage, as CBD is known to stimulate hair growth. (3) CBD shampoos are gentle on the skin.
  • Skin condition. Without protection from hair, shampoos that contain harsh chemicals will irritate or even damage the skin. Because of that, avoid using anti-microbial shampoos on short-haired dogs too often. 

How do you choose the right shampoo for long-haired dogs?

Long-haired dogs are at risk of suffering multiple issues, including greasiness, clogging, odor, build-up, and inflammatory ailments. 

Consequently, when picking a shampoo for long-haired dogs, you should consider much more than the dog’s activity level and skin condition. That means you need a shampoo that:

  • A shampoo that can help regulate sebum secretion. Sebum is a natural oil the skin produces to prevent friction, microorganisms, and ailments. The wrong shampoo or over washing of the dog creates the risk of damaging the balance. Meaning, the wrong shampoo may cause the dog to produce too little or too much sebum. 
  • A clear shampoo that does not contain harsh fragrances or colorants. Dogs prefer natural scents, including grass, soil, and so on. That is why they immediately roll in grass after washing. If the shampoo is too fragrant or if the pigment is irritating or toxic, it can be damaging. We recommend only using clear shampoos or ones that contain safe colorants. 

In short, long-haired and short-haired dog breeds require a shampoo that is:

  • Is quality tested to ensure protection from harsh colorants, irritants, chemicals, or pest-repellers.
  • Derived from natural ingredients. We recommend a combination of CBD oil, lavender oil, and rosemary. 

Tip: avoid dyeing or using colored shampoos on dogs with sensitive skin. A study published in the  National Library of Medicine claims that, quote:

“Hair dyes are the prime cause of PPD allergy. PPD identifies the majority of positive reactions to PTD, p-aminophenol, and m-aminophenol, but not all, which justifies additional testing with hair dye ingredients from the used product.”

Why use CBD dog shampoo on long-haired and short-haired dogs?

All the factors above considered; you should pick CBD dog shampoo because:

CBD dog shampoos lower the risk of multiple inflammatory ailments and allergic reactions

According to multiple studies, CBD oil is safe to apply topically and ingest. Consequently, it will not irritate your dog’s skin or cause any type of reaction. You may use CBD shampoos on dogs that have healthy, diseased, or sensitive skin. 


  • As an anxiolytic, massaging CBD shampoos onto the skin helps relax muscles, relieve stress, and improve the bathing experience. 
  • CBD oil can help relieve itch, redness, and irritation and hasten wound or inflammation healing.

CBD shampoos are PH-balanced and formulated for dogs

The problem with using human shampoos on dogs is the formulation can alter the dog’s skin PH balance. A PH imbalance on the skin increases the risk of yeast infections, irritation, and itchiness. 

As an anti-oxidant -CBD oil features a blend of vitamins A, B, D, and omega 6 and 3 acids that benefit cell regeneration, collagen production, and balancing PH. 

CBD shampoos remove and prevent pets from using natural repellents. 

Diluted Rosemary and lavender repel pests and are calming, moisturizing, and have medicinal value. When coupled with CBD oil, the natural ingredients create a shampoo that not only smells nice but is also gentle on hands, skin, and coat.

In short, a blend of CBD, rosemary lavender oil offers:

  • Protection from pests and microbes.
  • The combination can be used to prevent infections, treat wounds, or soothe skin. 

What is a good shampoo to use on my dog?

CBD dog shampoos can be used on shirt haired and long-haired dog breeds. The recommended product is designed to deliver benefits with little to no risk of side effects.