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What does cannabidiol shampoo do for dogs?

For dogs, CBD shampoos promise healthier skin, softer hair, and little to no risk of allergic reactions or adverse side effects. Additionally, cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive extract of hemp, promises relief from inflammation, oxidative damage, pain, sensitivity, and a host of inflammatory ailments.

 According to the FDA, pure CBD oil is well tolerated by man and beast, including canines and felines. 

Legally, hemp extracts that contain below 0.3% THC do not constitute marijuana, and you may travel or purchase them within the country. Outside the US, and Canada, hemp and marijuana extracts remain Schedule 1 substances in the majority of countries, making it advisable not to travel with cannabis products outside the said demographic. 

What does CBD shampoo do for dogs?

CBD shampoos for dogs: what does CBD shampoo do?

Below is everything you need to know. 

Is CBD shampoo safe for dogs?

According to animal studies, the worst CBD oil can do to dogs is cause diarrhea. However, the dog would have to ingest large amounts of CBD oil. Additionally, ingesting too much CBD may be damaging to the liver. 

That is to say that using CBD shampoos is safe for dogs and other furry companions. 

When applied topically, CBD oil is unlikely to cause any negative effects. 

In short, what you need to remember about CBD shampoos for dogs is:

  • If a dog licks shampooed fur, it may end up getting an upset stomach or diarrhea. Recommend thorough rinsing. 
  • Lavender and rosemary provide extra protection from fleas and ticks. 
  • Using CBD shampoo can help lower stress levels. 
  • If your dog is on medication, avoid administering CBD oil or other supplement without consulting with a veterinarian (some medications may interact with CBD oil, making them less effective or causing side effects, including diarrhea and fatigue).
  • Veterinarian studies overwhelmingly suggest that topical and ingestible CBD products play a role in the management and prevention of multiple ailments, including cancer, itch, arthritic pain, and inflammatory ailments that affect cats and dogs. 

What does CBD shampoo do for dogs?

The potential benefits of using CBD shampoos for dogs include:

Itchiness and discomfort relief

A dog scratching itself occasionally, is normal. However, excessive, or aggressive scratching is indicative of an underlying problem. The problem could be a food allergy, seasonal allergies, fragrances, colorants, grooming products, or an ailment.

Human and animal studies suggest that CBD oil can help regulate immune function. Allergic reactions are an immune reaction to a perceived threat. Consequently, by helping regulate immune function, CBD oil may lower the risk of allergic reactions. 

According to the linked study’s findings, quote:

The data overwhelmingly support the notion that CBD is immune suppressive and that the mechanisms involve direct suppression of activation of various immune cell types, induction of apoptosis, and promotion of regulatory cells, which, in turn, control other immune cell targets.”

A related study published in the National Library of Medicine found that, quote:

“Replacing current shampooing practices with a broad-spectrum cannabidiol-containing shampoo significantly reduces both severity and symptoms of scalp inflammation within 2 weeks, with excellent tolerability and treatment satisfaction in subjects with mild to moderate scalp psoriasis or SD.”

Added benefits of immune system regulation include:

  • Inflammation prevention and relief.
  • Cell damage prevention.
  • May help prevent or manage symptoms of some ailments. 

What can I get my dog to stop itching? 

Washing a dog using CBD shampoo is beneficial in that CBD and the featured natural ingredients are gentle on the skin and fur. 

However, dirt, sweat, and dead skin buildup -are not always the cause of itching. Because of that, if itching persists despite using CBD shampoos, you should consider consulting a vet. 

If you suspect that an ailment could be causing itchiness, examine the dog’s ears, between the toes, armpits, tail, or the body part the dog keeps scratching.

Using CBD shampoos can help treat and prevent itch-inducing ailments, including:

  • Psoriasis.
  • Folliculitis.
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis.
  • Allergic reaction. 
  • Infection (could be bacteria, fungi, or microorganism related).

Tip: CBD oil can destroy antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria and is less damaging compared to anti-microbial shampoos. You may use CBD shampoo to lower the need for anti-bacterial dog shampoo.

Why not use anti-bacterial dog shampoo?

Antimicrobial shampoos offer numerous benefits for dogs and humans. But it comes at a cost.

Using anti-bacterial shampoo too often on your dog is problematic in that: 

  • Antibacterial shampoos can cause hormonal disruption, immune changes, and allergic reactions. That increases the risk of Cushing’s syndrome and other ailments. 
  • Some anti-bacterial shampoos expose your dog to harmful ingredients that may damage the skin or cause hair loss. 
Stress and anxiety relief

Using harsh shampoo or products for bathing canines can create difficulties when washing the dog. You know that your dog’s shampoo is “bad” or doing more harm than good if it irritates, and causes symptoms including:

  • Obsessive licking or biting.
  • Swelling/inflammation on face or body.
  • Skin rashes or ulcerations.
  • Unusual behavior, including face rubbing, head shaking, or excessive scratching. 

Just like us, dogs may become stressed, anxious, or depressed. The trigger could be something as minor as using the wrong shampoo. 

CBD oil shampoos are different in that when massaged into the skin and fur, the cannabinoid interacts with endocannabinoid receptors to relieve stress. Additionally, CBD oil soothes muscles and relieves inflammation, pain, and itchiness.

Meaning, using CBD shampoos can make baths an activity your pet looks forward to.

Inflammatory illness prevention and treatment

As an anti-inflammatory agent and anti-oxidant, CBD promises protection from multiple inflammatory ailments. You may use CBD shampoos to treat or prevent ailments, including:

Dry itchy skin. 

Harsh shampoos strip the skin and fur of sebum. As a reaction to that, the dog’s fur may become too oily or dry. Dry skin is common in older dogs as their bodies become less efficient at regulating sebum as they age. 

Studies suggest that CBD oil can help regulate sebum secretion when applied topically. Added benefits of using CBD shampoos on dogs with dry skin include:

  • Fungal and bacterial infection treatment and prevention. Fungi and bacteria can cause dry skin and itchiness.

For greater effect, we recommend CBD shampoos coupled with protection from environmental factors, a diet rich in fatty acids, and consulting with a vet regularly, especially if the dog is older. 

CBD shampoos moisturize the skin and fur. 

To prevent dryness, the shampoos in our line feature safe hydrating ingredients that keep your dog’s skin dryness free. 

According to veterinarians, keeping a dog’s skin dryness free goes beyond regular shampooing. You must also. 

  • Prevent buildup and dead skin through grooming.
  • Avoid or limit exposure to environmental allergens. 
  • Massage CBD oil into the dog’s skin and fur to improve hydration and prevent dryness.
  • Feed the dog a high-quality diet if possible.
  • Take measures to prevent parasites.

Important of all, it is necessary to research your dogs’ predispositions. Dog breeds, including Dalmatians, Labradors, boxers, and golden retrievers, are prone to dry skin. Because of that (1) avoid over washing or over shampooing. (2) limit exposure to drying products. 

CBD shampoos facilitate better product penetration. 

If your dog has a skin ailment, the buildup of dead skin, dirt, pollution, and so on can hinder medicine administration to the skin.

Cleansing the skin helps to remove layers, making it easier for medicines and other products to penetrate. 

Odor management.

Just like humans, dog sweat does not smell. What happens is when sweat encounters bacteria and other microorganisms on skin and hair, the resulting reaction causes odor.

Regular CBD shampoos can help prevent odor. 

How often should I shampoo a dog?

It depends on the dog’s coat. If the dog has a short coat, you may shampoo it once or twice a month. You may bathe dogs with longer coats once a week.

You want to avoid over-shampooing as it may cause the dog to produce excess sebum.

Bottom line: What does CBD shampoo do for dogs?

CBD shampoos promise protection and relief from multiple ailments, they can improve skin and fur health and are gentle on the skin. 

You may use them to lessen the need for harmful anti-microbial shampoos, to manage immune reactions, and to manage canine stress.