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Syphilis is a highly contagious illness that damages hair shafts, causes inflammation, and slows down hair growth.  Syphilis hair loss is not permanent, but if left unchecked, the ailment can cause permanent hair follicle damage.

The bacteria that cause syphilis can be transmitted through unprotected sex, kissing, or close contact with lesions. According to the Center for Disease Control, it can take up to twenty days for symptoms to start showing.

Syphilis hair loss progresses slowly and may therefore lead to significant damage. Consequently, it is in your best interest to take preventative and treatment action as soon as possible.

I have syphilis, and I am losing my hair. Can cannabidiol make my hair grow back?

According to medical studies, products that contain three to four milligrams of CBD oil can increase volume in as little as six months if applied once daily.

CBD is also a potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent, and there is evidence that the non-psychoactive cannabinoid can destroy antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.

Below is everything you need to know about syphilis hair loss and CBD oil.

Quick take: Can CBD oil reverse hair loss?

  • With treatment, syphilis-related hair loss should resolve within three to six months.
  • Religious application of CBD oil can increase hair volume, hasten lesion healing, and help manage anxiety.
  • A mix of CBD shampoos, topicals, and consumables complements syphilis treatment.
  • Studies suggest benzathine penicillin treatment may aid regrow syphilis hair loss.

Note that we are not suggesting that CBD oil is a cure for syphilis, instead, we recommend using variations to complement treatment.

At What Stage of Syphilis Does Hair Fall Out?

During the initial stage, which is three to six weeks, one may develop sores at the contact point. If the ailment progresses to stage two, hair loss is amongst the many symptoms that may occur.

Stage two syphilis is characterized by symptoms such as headaches, hair loss, fever, swollen lymph nodes, and rough, reddish-brown rashes.

According to the American Journal of Medicine, progressive hair loss may be the only symptom of syphilis for some. Consequently, you may have syphilis without knowing.

 If you are sexually active -including persons who practice safe sex- it is in your best interest to get disease tested at least once every six months.

Syphilis hair loss: what are the symptoms?

From the linked study, we know that syphilis hair loss may cause symptoms such as:

  • Progressive cranial hair loss. Over-the-counter treatments will have little to no effects (damaged hair usually takes three to six months to recover). If you do not recover hair volume, it is worth going to the doctor.
  • Non-scarring hair loss accompanied by yellow dots and villus hairs.
  • Syphilis hair loss may cause diffuse or “moth-eaten pattern,” referring to multiple lesions or holes in the hair that have poorly defined margins.

According to the study, quote:

“Treatment with oral amoxicillin at 1500 mg/d was initiated; the titer of rapid plasma regain had decreased to 1:16 at 8 weeks later, and her hair growth had returned to normal at 12 weeks later.”

In other words, if you act early, it is possible to prevent hair follicle damage and permanent hair loss.

Is Syphilis Hair Loss Permanent?

It depends on the damage done to hair follicles. In many cases, the damage is reversible.

What is vital to remember is syphilis is easily curable during the first stage. Problems and complications occur if you wait too long.

What type of Hair Loss will Syphilis Cause?

Syphilis can cause hair shedding and at least two types of alopecia. “Essential syphilitic alopecia” occurs when syphilis does not cause skin lesions.

 In other words, hair loss may be the only symptom.

If you have it, you may notice thinning hair or moth-eaten pattern hair loss/patchy hair. This may not occur on the scalp only. Symptoms may affect the beard, pubic area, eyebrows, and other hair areas.

Symptomatic syphilitic alopecia occurs when the patient has lesions or inflammations accompanied by hair loss.

How does Syphilis Damage Hair?

There are two ways syphilis may damage hair. (1) the condition may disrupt the hair growth cycle and increase shedding. (2) syphilis may damage hair follicles.

What CBD oil and hemp extracts can do for syphilis is:

Pain and inflammation relief.

As mentioned, syphilis can cause a variety of symptoms, some inflammatory and some painful. As an analgesic, CBD oil can be used topically, ingested, or inhaled to relieve said symptoms.

Additionally, applying CBD oil on lesions may hasten healing, lower the risk of infection, and prevent skin damage.

Lower stress, Depression, and Anxiety.

While ill, stress can exacerbate symptoms, increase pain perception, and hasten hair loss. As a natural anxiolytic, CBD oil may help increase confidence, improve sleep, manage pain, and lower stress levels.

What is CBD Oil and Can it Help Syphilis Hair Loss?

There are therapies for syphilis hair loss that CBD oil can help complement. Consequently, do not abandon treatment. Instead, use CBD products for hair loss to complement treatment.

Syphilis hair loss therapies are a mix of medicines and platelet-rich plasma injections.

To treat syphilis and hair loss, you must:

Get diagnosed and initiate medication.

Hair loss and the symptoms mentioned above can be a sign of not only syphilis, but other conditions that require treatment. Because of that, if you are feeling ill and the illness persists, it is important to get diagnosed.

According to the CDC, syphilis can remain in one’s system for years.

 In the latter stages, it may result in paralysis, blindness, and tumors. Additionally, while curable, long-term damage may become irreversible.

Syphilis and CBD oil: what you need to know.

  • Direct contact with syphilitic sores is enough to cause transmission. You should thus avoid contact with symptomatic individuals.
  • Syphilis is transmittable from mother to child, even when pregnant.
  • Symptoms typically occur within ten to a hundred days after contact.
  • Syphilis symptoms resemble other illnesses and can go unnoticed. Recommend getting tested if you have had questionable relations.

CBD Oil for Syphilis Hair Loss: How does it work?

You may apply CBD oil to bald/affected patches or inhale/ingest cannabidiol to enjoy its anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory properties.

We recommend:



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