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Unique ways to use cannabidiol shampoo for hair growth and good health

CBD shampoos, according to medical and anecdotal evidence, promise a bevy of benefits, key among them increased hair volume and strength. But how do you use shampoo to promote hair growth?

What is essential to remember is excessive shampooing and under-shampooing contribute to hair growth stagnation and breakage. Depending on hair type, it is necessary to shampoo once or twice a week.

Additionally, if you use product daily or have oily skin or hair, you may have to cleanse hair daily or every other day. 

In short, shampoos promote hair growth by creating optimal scalp conditions for hair growth. That is -no buildup, microorganisms, clean follicles, and no odor. 

Cannabidiol is an extract of hemp that, according to dermatological studies, can help improve hair growth, prevent or treat inflammation, itchiness, or discomfort, and reverse or prevent free radical damage because of its anxiolytic properties.  

How do you use CBD shampoos to promote hair growth? Below is everything you need to know.

CBD shampoos explained: Unique ways to use cannabidiol shampoos for better health. 

  • You may use CBD shampoos to clean not just hair, but also combs, tubs, and other surfaces at home (CBD exhibits potent anti-microbial activity). 
  • Avoid sharing combs, especially with pets. 
  • Water, cleanser, and gentle soap are enough to clean makeup brushes, combs, and other equipment. Cleaning said equipment with CBD shampoos carries added benefits, including protection from antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.
  • To improve hair growth, experts recommend regular shampooing, exfoliation, and scalp massages. 
  • Using alcohol to clean makeup brushes damages brush bristles. CBD shampoos coupled with warm water are gentler.

How does cleaning using CBD shampoo help hair growth?

Keeping the scalp clean is beneficial in that it prevents oxidative stress, product/dead skin buildup, and hair loss. 

The benefits CBD shampoos promise include:

CBD shampoos are gentle on the skin, scalp, and hair

Shampooing hair using CBD shampoos goes beyond cleansing. It also increases blood flow to hair follicles, relieves stress, and reduces the risk of infection without the risk of reaction or damage. 

A gentle shampoo will not cause irritation, damage, or discomfort. According to the FDA and WHO, when isolated, CBD is safe for topical and oral administration.

However, do not ingest topical CBD products, including shampoos. 

Massaging CBD oil into the scalp promotes hair growth

A study published in the National Library of Medicine found that the application of CBD oil directly to the scalp increases hair growth and volume in as little as six months.

Massaging CBD shampoos into the scalp promises:

  • Increased hair fullness. By cleansing follicles and stimulating blood flow and nutrient delivery to the scalp, CBD shampoos may help increase hair volume.
  • Scalp massages relieve stress. Stress can damage hair and skin, and scalp health. 
  • Tension relief. 

Unique ways to use CBD shampoos at home. 

You may use CBD shampoos to make scalp scrubs

A spoonful of sugar added to CBD shampoo is enough to create a safe exfoliator. Exfoliation is good for hair growth in that it removes sebum, dirt, and product.

Exfoliating is also useful in the prevention of multiple ailments that can disrupt hair growth. 

Apart from sugar, you may combine CBD shampoos with safe exfoliants, including activated charcoal, clay, or salt.

Why use CBD shampoo for exfoliation?

Acting as an oil/liquid base, CBD oil helps to lessen abrasiveness. Remember, the scalp is sensitive and easy to damage, meaning you should not dry-exfoliate. 

CBD shampoo exfoliators: what to remember.

  • If you have fine hair, use product daily, or have oily skin, you will need a coarse exfoliator for the scalp. You may exfoliate up to three times a week using gentle pressure and circular motion. 
  • For a “normal scalp,” you may use an abrasive agent of choice, just make sure that what you use and the method are gentle on the skin.
  • If you have a dry or flaky scalp, avoid salt or other exfoliating agents that cause dryness. We recommend CBD sugar scrubs as they hydrate the scalp and hair. 

Massage CBD oil into the scalp to treat itchiness or discomfort after exfoliation. 

 Use CBD shampoos to wash hair, combs, and other hair care tools

Sharing combs, scissors, and other hair care products may seem harmless, but it can cause the transfer of dirt, bacteria, debris, and microorganisms that thwart hair growth.

Consequently, before and after shampooing hair, it is necessary to clean equipment. 

What happens if you do not clean hair care products?

  • Hair care product and sebum transfer from the head to the comb. If you re-use without cleaning, it may contribute to clogging and infection. Possible ailments include staph infections, scabies, and fungi. 
  • You may develop rashes or lose hair due to infection or inflammatory ailments.

Why use CBD shampoo for hair brushes, combs, and other hair care equipment?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, we are living in the age of superbugs. Meaning bacteria are evolving resistance to traditional antibiotics. 

Dirty makeup equipment contributes to the transfer of bacteria and infection. 

Cannabidiol research has established that CBD can destroy antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. Meaning, in theory, CBD shampoos are more effective at cleaning hair and equipment compared to antibacterial soap. 

We recommend adding a few drops of CBD oil to warm water when cleaning.

In general, what you need to remember is:

  • Overreliance on antibacterial soap may create the risk of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

When cleaning makeup equipment, you also have the option of using alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and other commercial sanitizers.

Why use CBD shampoos to clean makeup equipment?

Breakouts, acne, and a variety of inflammatory ailments can result from using dirty or contaminated equipment. Using CBD shampoos to clean equipment promises:

  • Easy removal of heavy foundation or waterproof products.
  • Protection from germs, and antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria that may be present on equipment.

Alternative uses for CBD shampoos include:

  • You may use CBD shampoos as a body wash. To avoid irritation or allergic reaction, only use clear shampoos that do not have a fragrance.
  • Add tea tree oil or other essential oil to CBD shampoo and use the mixture for scalp massages and cleansing. 
  • You may use CBD shampoos as an alternative to liquid hand soap or antibacterial soaps. 
  • Soak your hands or feet in water and CBD shampoo to clean nails and fingers and heal cracked feet. 

Tip: CBD shampoos can act as degreasers. You may thus use it to clean bathtubs, greasy stoves, containers, and so on. 

Bottom line: How can you use CBD shampoo for hair growth?

Hair growth is supported by good circulation, nutrient delivery, and protection from environmental damage. A combination of shampooing, exfoliating, and massages helps stimulate growth and support hair health. 

Considering that there is evidence that CBD can destroy gram-positive and gram-negative strains of bacteria, CBD shampoos can be used for much more than cleaning. 

We recommend investing in CBD shampoos or adding a few drops of CBD oil to a shampoo of your choosing.