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CBD dog shampoos for allergies: Should I bathe my dog in cannabidiol for allergies?CBD

CBD Dog Shampoos for Allergies: Should I bathe My Dog in Cannabidiol for Allergies?

Just like us, dogs can suffer allergic reactions from environmental factors, the cells on their skin, saliva, urine, and shampoos. CBD dog shampoos help to regulate immune response reducing or eliminating allergic reaction occurrence. Depending on the trigger and the dog's state of health, you may notice difficulty breathing, inflammation, runny nose, watery eyes, and the symptoms listed below as a reaction to an allergenic trigger. All dogs have the potential to suffer allergic reactions, but some have a higher risk.  Should I …
How often should you bathe a long-haired dog?CBD

How often should you bathe a long-haired dog?

For dogs, having long hair creates the risk of infection, bacteria, asthma, and allergies. Consequently, regular baths are necessary. CBD shampoos for dogs promise protection from antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, parasites, and the mentioned ailments.  According to veterinarians, it is necessary to wash long-haired breeds of dogs at most once a week. Regular CBD shampoo baths are beneficial in that they help regulate sebum secretion and improve skin health by treating or preventing multiple inflammatory ailments. However, you must strike a balance. …
How do I stop my hair from breaking without cutting it using cannabidiol?CBD

How do I stop my hair from breaking without cutting it using cannabidiol?

Hair breakage can result from environmental factors, state of health, how you shampoo, and the products you use on the head and scalp. According to dermatologists, it is possible to prevent breakage by not rubbing shampoo into the length of hair, not using soap or other product that leaves scum or residue, skipping relaxants, and protecting the scalp and hair, from the sun, dirt, debris, pollution and so on.  Multiple medical studies suggest that CBD oil, a non-psychoactive extract of hemp, …
How can I improve my dog's fur quality using cannabidiol?CBD

How can I improve my dog’s fur quality using cannabidiol?

Improving and maintaining dog fur quality is a mix of bathing, regular visits to the vets, using the right shampoo -preferably CBD dog shampoos, the right diet, and regular brushing. It may sound healthy to wash your dog daily or weekly, but over washing can be detrimental to the dog’s health. CBD dog shampoos go beyond cleansing and parasite removal. They also relieve/prevent inflammation, and balance skin PH. As an antioxidant, CBD can prevent free radical damage, and CBD is a …
How do you wash a dog that does not want to be washed?CBD

How do you wash a dog that does not want to be washed?

The shampoo you are using could be making bath time difficult for you and your dog. Some dogs enjoy bath time, and some do not. The question is how do you wash a dog that does not want to be washed? We recommend setting up a reward system and using bathing products, including shampoos- that do not irritate or damage the skin. Overreliance on antimicrobial shampoos is problematic in that it can irritate the dog, increase the risk of Cushing syndrome, …
Unique ways to use cannabidiol shampoo for hair growth and good healthCBD

Unique ways to use cannabidiol shampoo for hair growth and good health

CBD shampoos, according to medical and anecdotal evidence, promise a bevy of benefits, key among them increased hair volume and strength. But how do you use shampoo to promote hair growth? What is essential to remember is excessive shampooing and under-shampooing contribute to hair growth stagnation and breakage. Depending on hair type, it is necessary to shampoo once or twice a week. Additionally, if you use product daily or have oily skin or hair, you may have to cleanse hair daily or …
What does cannabidiol shampoo do for dogs?CBD

What does cannabidiol shampoo do for dogs?

For dogs, CBD shampoos promise healthier skin, softer hair, and little to no risk of allergic reactions or adverse side effects. Additionally, cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive extract of hemp, promises relief from inflammation, oxidative damage, pain, sensitivity, and a host of inflammatory ailments.  According to the FDA, pure CBD oil is well tolerated by man and beast, including canines and felines.  Legally, hemp extracts that contain below 0.3% THC do not constitute marijuana, and you may travel or purchase them within the country. …
alt="tattooed woman"CBD

Effective Solutions for Tattoo Inflammation.

Tattoo inflammation, while normal during the three to four days, may escalate into keloids, and other inflammatory issues if proper care is not administered. To prevent that happening, hemp extracts including CBD oil can help! If you have a tattoo, inflammation may occur at any time. The causes could be allergens, infiltration by foreign bodies or microorganisms, or it could be a sign of an underlying illness.  Using CBD oil for tattoo aftercare holds benefits in that -the non-psychoactive extract of hemp …
alt="tattooed thigh"CBD

How Do you Get Rid of Foreign Body Granuloma using Cannabidiol?

Granuloma is a rare inflammatory illness believed to be a consequence of an overactive immune system. As an immune regulator and anti-inflammatory agent -using CBD oil for tattoo aftercare may lessen the risk of developing the condition.  Days, weeks, or even years after getting a tattoo, you may notice red bumps on or around the tattoo indicating granuloma. Some forms of granuloma may go away on their own.  Invasive treatments for granuloma may cause scarring or hypopigmentation. Why use CBD oil for granuloma? Compared …
What to do after chemical or surgical tattoo removalCBD

What to do After Chemical or Surgical Tattoo Removal.

Whether you have chosen chemical or surgical tattoo removal, the process need not result in scarring, keloids, or lifelong pain and discomfort. CBD oil could be the key to that end! Pain and discomfort, skin irritation, infection, skin discoloration, and scarring are possible consequences of surgical or chemical tattoo removal.  According to clinicians and dermatologists, what you must do after tattoo removal is (1) follow care instructions provided by a physician or practitioner. (2) keep treated skin clean. (3) contact a doctor …
alt="tattooed hand, shrubbery"CBD

How do you Take Care of a New Tattoo Using CBD Oil?

Will a new tattoo heal beautifully and last a lifetime, or will it be a source of untold pain, inflammation, and regret? According to excerpts, it all depends on what you are willing to do. Below is how to guarantee the former and prevent the latter in three minutes or less! Without proper tattoo aftercare -your risk of scarring, infections, and complications, including bloodborne illness and allergic reactions, is elevated.  What you must remember is a tattoo is an open wound. Consequently, …
CBD oil shampoos explained: What does CBD do in shampoo?CBD

CBD oil shampoos explained: What does CBD do in shampoo?

Multiple medical studies suggest that cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive extract of hemp or cannabis, promotes hair growth and improves scalp and skin health. Incorporating cannabinoids into shampoos promises numerous benefits. Not only gentle on the skin, cannabidiol also delivers omega-3 fatty acids, helps prevent free radical damage, and exhibits anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anxiolytic properties. CBD shampoos will not aggravate or cause psoriasis, dermatitis, or other ailments that may result from irritation or washing. Studies suggest that cannabidiol can help prevent and treat said …