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What does a person with autism experience, and can cannabidiol help?

If you are autistic, sights, sounds, and social situations are enough to cause a spike in stress and anxiety. While studies on CBD’s effect on autism are limited, what we do know is cannabidiol can lower stress and anxiety symptoms almost immediately if ingested sublingually or vaped.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a medicinal extract of hemp or marijuana that, according to medical and anecdotal evidence, offers neuroprotection, it is a powerful analgesic, but the long-term side effects of continued use are still under investigation. Consequently, parents should consult with a care provider before exposing their young to it or other treatments.

In short, if you are autistic, you should consider using CBD oil for the following reasons.

CBD for autism: Quick take. 

  • There is no cure for autism. But the condition is manageable through therapy, medication, and CBD oil. 
  • Medical research shows that CBD can help manage autism symptoms. But the symptoms may return if use is not sustained.
  • Exposing CBD or other cannabinoids to minors may lead to legal troubles. Recommend getting approval from a health practitioner or moving to a CBD-friendly state if possible. 
  • CBD can improve confidence, regulate mood, and reduce anxiety symptoms.
  • There is evidence that CBD may discourage self-harm.
  • Medical experts recommend that one should start autism treatment as soon as possible.
  • CBD is a complementary treatment for autism that may be incorporated into therapy and medication. 
  • Sublingual placement and ingestion are the safest ways to consume CBD. 
  •  Vaping causes noticeable side effects faster and offers high bioavailability.
  • Vaping CBD or other substances is bad for pulmonary and respiratory health. We recommend moderation or using the alternatives. 

Tip: consult with a medical expert before using CBD for autism.

CBD oil for autism: What is the best treatment for autism?

Autism, or ASD (autism spectrum disorder), describes at least five types of neurodevelopmental disorders that are more prevalent in males than in females. It is not possible to develop the condition in adulthood. But, if the condition remains undiagnosed, adults living with it may experience symptoms including:

  • Anxiety and stress. Sights, sounds, and social situations can cause or worsen symptoms.
  • Isolation. One may find it difficult to make friends, get into relationships, or engage in social situations.
  • An inability to understand humor or sarcasm.

There are other signs and symptoms, including irritability, attention to detail, obsessions, and lack of adherence to social rules or norms. 

An autistic adult may come off as rude, uninterested, or blunt without intending to.

Having said symptoms does not necessarily mean that one has autism. Consequently, if the symptoms harm your social life or enjoyment, you should consider consulting with a physician.

Once the cause is identified, treatment can begin.

How is autism treated, and can CBD help?

Currently, there is no cure for autism. However, the condition is manageable, and it is possible to incorporate CBD oil. 

How and why to incorporate CBD oil in autism treatment.

CBD works as a symptom reliever; however, it will not treat the core symptoms of autism, that is -restrictive repetitive behavior, sensory dysfunction, and communication issues. 

A few drops of CBD oil in food or ingested sublingually can help. but why do it? What does the research say?

Autism management using CBD: what you need to know.  

There are ways to manage autism, and you may incorporate CBD into every step. Here is how.

CBD oil for autism: Behavioral management therapy for autism and CBD oil.

The purpose of behavioral management for autistics is to introduce or reinforce positive behavior and discourage negative behavior. There are different therapies that care providers may recommend or encourage.

Why use CBD oil?

A study published in the National Library of Medicine found that CBD can improve symptoms of autism in patients living with comorbidity symptoms.

According to the study’s findings:

  • The majority reported improved anxiety symptoms.
  • There was a reduction in self-injury and rage attacks. 
  • The majority of test subjects reported improvement in sleep quality.


CBD is a mood regulator, meaning it may prevent mood swings and discourage harmful behavior such as self-harm. There is also evidence that the compound may discourage drug-seeking behavior. 

CBD oil for autism. Social skills training and speech therapy. 

By alleviating stress and anxiety, CBD can help with building social skills. The compound may also aid speech therapy in some patients. How does it work?

Stress and anxiety are confidence killers. When ingested, CBD can quote:

Pretreatment with CBD significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort in their speech performance, and significantly decreased alert in their anticipatory speech. The placebo group presented higher anxiety, cognitive impairment, discomfort, and alert levels when compared with the control group.”

Increased confidence and reduced anxiety will have numerous benefits for anyone, including autistics.

Early intervention and neuroprotection.

Autism is a developmental condition, and according to neuroimaging studies, CBD can cause alterations in connective patterns and brain activity during cognitive test performance and resting state. In persons living with epilepsy, CBD can protect the brain and prevent damage.

The study linked above concluded that CBD may be useful in the modulation of psychiatric disorders.

Should you expose CBD to a child?

It depends on product quality and what a physician recommends. 

CBD products contaminated with THC or other compounds may create some risks for the young, and according to the FDA, breastfeeding or pregnant women should not consume CBD or other cannabinoids. 

THC exposure at a young age is believed to cause or worsen developmental issues. Pure CBD, may have some benefits. 

CBD for autism early intervention: what we know.

CBD oil for autism: What medications should you use?

Autism management may require a cocktail of medications, including anxiolytics, inhibitors, tricyclics, antipsychotics, psychoactives, and stimulants.

Consequently, the risk of interaction is high. 

Said medications can cause several issues. Because of that, or if a physician recommends it, you may substitute potentially harmful medicines, including antidepressants, with CBD. 

What to remember:

  • Autism medication only relieves the symptoms, they will not cure the condition.
  • CBD should be used to complement treatment. If you are on medication, consult with a physician before you stop using the medicine.
  • Autism medications carry risks that some may want to avoid. CBD has an excellent safety profile, and the effects go away if you discontinue use.

Are there any risks of using CBD to manage autism?

The CBD market is unregulated. Consequently, there are lots of products -some of them safe, and others can worsen artistic symptoms. Because of that, you want to avoid contaminated or low-quality products.  

That said. CBD has an excellent safety profile and, in theory, should be safe for adults and minors. However, more research is needed to establish the long-term side effects of sustained use. 

If you are autistic or have a child who is, the risk you should be aware of are:

  • Lack of a proper dose. The FDA is yet to approve CBD as a treatment for anything other than epileptic seizures. Because of that and the lack of research into its effects, there is no right dose of CBD for patients. Additionally, animal models suggest that at extremely high doses, CBD may be damaging to the liver. As is, the maximum tolerable dose for adults is 1500 mg per day. We recommend not exceeding that and using the start-low approach. 
  • Studies on CBD as a treatment for autism are limited. 
  • CBD may interact with autism medications, including anti-depressants.  

Should you use CBD for autism?

Questions remain about CBD’s effectiveness and safety, especially when exposed to minors. There are some autism symptoms that CBD has a positive effect on, including anxiety and mood regulation. However, state or country laws may limit access or prohibit exposure.

If you have access to CBD. We recommend the “start low and increase” approach. That allows you to monitor the effects the compound has on your health or someone else. Remember, hemp-derived CBD is legal across the country. But, cannabis-extracted CBD or CBD that contains high levels of THC can lead to legal problems.