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Granuloma is a rare inflammatory illness believed to be a consequence of an overactive immune system. As an immune regulator and anti-inflammatory agent -using CBD oil for tattoo aftercare may lessen the risk of developing the condition. 

Days, weeks, or even years after getting a tattoo, you may notice red bumps on or around the tattoo indicating granuloma. Some forms of granuloma may go away on their own.

 Invasive treatments for granuloma may cause scarring or hypopigmentation.

Why use CBD oil for granuloma?

Compared to existing treatments, CBD is a safe alternative medicine that you may apply directly to the affected skin or ingest to relieve internal inflammation.

If you have noticed lumps or inflammation under a tattoo, below is everything you need to know about tattoo related granulomas.

Quick take: How do you get rid of foreign body granuloma using cannabidiol?

  • Black ink is associated with an increased risk of granulomas. 
  • Tattoo-related granulomas can be mistaken for sarcoidosis. 
  • Granulomas are non-cancerous growths caused by immune system reactions to foreign bodies including tattoo ink. 
  • granulomas can be hard to prevent because the cause is the body’s defense system.
  • Currently, there is not enough evidence that CBD benefits the immune system. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD oil can help manage immune reactions, including allergic reactions. Additionally, CBD oil can relieve inflammation and pain through interactions with the endocannabinoid system. In other words, if you are on medication, use CBD oil to complement treatment. 
  • CBD oil can help manage the immune system, potentially reducing the risk of developing granulomas.
  • Granulomas are harmless and go away on their own given enough time and proper treatment. 
  • If you have a compromised immune system or autoimmune illness, it is recommended that you avoid getting tattoos or consult with a doctor before getting one. 
  • Some forms of granuloma require antibiotic treatment.

What Causes Granuloma? And how to Treat or Prevent it Using CBD oil

When you get a tattoo, the artist introduces foreign bodies into your system. The immune system reacts to foreign bodies by releasing inflammatory cells. 

 Tattooed skin may inflame immediately, within a few days, or after some years, depending on care. 

Currently, researchers are unsure of the exact cause of granulomas. What we do know is:

  • Granulomas occur when immune cells clump, creating nodules in or on the inflamed area of the skin.
  • The function of granulomas is to contain foreign bodies, including bacteria, keeping them from spreading.
  • Granulomas can be caused by tattoo ink or an underlying condition.
  • Identifying and treating underlying causes, including fungal infections, parasites or viral infections, can help prevent the occurrence and spread of granulomas.
  • Granulomas usually appear over bony areas, including the elbow, arms, leg, trunk, and face.

Because of that, it is advisable to:

  • Avoid back-alley tattoos. Make sure that you choose an artist that uses sanitized equipment. 

What is CBD oil, and how do you use it to Prevent Granulomas?

A study published in the National Library of Medicine claims that CBD oil can suppress the immune system and is an anti-inflammatory agent.

According to the cited study, CBD oil promises:

  • Control over immune system response. 
  • CBD induces apoptosis in tumorous cells, 

However, the lack of research into CBD’s effects on granulomas means that a therapeutic dose of CBD oil for granulomas is yet to be established. 

As mentioned, granuloma is an autoimmune condition. Existing studies claim that CBD oil is an immunosuppressant and may thus hold benefits for granuloma and other autoimmune illnesses, including multiple sclerosis and inflammatory bowel illness. 

What CBD oil can do is:

  • Treat or prevent inflammation.
  • CBD exhibits action against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Granulomas: When to see a doctor?

Granulomas rarely cause symptoms apart from inflammation. However, depending on where granulomas forms, one may exhibit symptoms including headaches, vision problems, fever, cough, swollen lymph nodes, and night sweats. 

The symptoms above may also indicate infection. Because of that, if you exhibit said symptoms, you should seek professional care.

That said.

Granulomas usually appear as small pink- or flesh-colored lumps under the skin. The lumps may itch or be painful.

How to Treat Granulomas Using CBD Oil

As mentioned, granulomas are usually triggered by the immune system. Because of that, you may use CBD oil in the following ways to potentially prevent occurrence.

Use CBD Scrubs to Prevent Dirt, Debris, and Bacterial Build-up

Six months to one year after getting a tattoo, it is recommended that you exfoliate at least once a week. Scrubbing is beneficial in that it prevents debris and microorganism buildup on the skin.

Why Scrub Tattoos using CBD Oil?

  • Removing dead skin and debris improves the aesthetic value of tattoos. 
  • Dirt, debris, and oil buildup increase the risk of infection and skin ailments. 
  • CBD promotes faster healing and protects the skin from bacteria and some viruses (more studies are needed). 

How do you do it?

Massage the recommended product into the skin using gentle pressure and circular motion. 

Apply CBD Products to Form a Protective Film on The Skin.

Caring for a tattoo begins immediately after completion. Being an open wound, you must create a protective film or layer. The options include petroleum jelly or CBD body butter. 

On average, it will take between a month to six months for a tattoo to fully heal.

Care entails:

  • Applying a layer of protection. 
  • Using antibacterial soap to clean the tattoo at least once everyday until it heals.
  • Using a moisturizer or CBD oil to prevent drying.  

 Bottom line: CBD oil for Tattoo Aftercare – Granuloma.

Granulomas are harmless inflammations that may affect one’s esteem. You may use CBD oil coupled with proper tattoo aftercare to lessen the probability of occurrence.

 The topical application of CBD oil can help manage inflammation and improve skin health. 

We therefore recommend:

  • Applying CBD oil or petroleum jelly to keep foreign bodies out.
  • Using CBD scrubs to gently.


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