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Dog nail trimming is potentially dangerous for the owner because of anxiety, pain, and the dog’s unfamiliarity with the practice. For dogs who are used to it, you should not have many problems.

However, if you have an anxious dog, an aggressive breed, or one that has had past trauma related to nail trimming. It is necessary to take extra precautions.

The safest option is to get it done by a professional. However, if that is not an option, you may do it yourself.

How do you trim your dog’s nails at home without getting harmed?

According to professional groomers, you may sedate the dog, distract it, and stop if the dog growls or becomes uncomfortable.

For indoor dogs, nail trimming is recommended because it enables pain-free walking. Additionally,  the dog will be unable to damage furniture or individuals/other animals in the home, and trimming significantly reduces the risk of paw infection or injury.

We suggest administering CBD oil before and after dog nail trimming for the reasons explained below.

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Table of Contents

Dog Nail Trimming and CBD Oil: What Can I Give My Dog to Calm Down for Nail Cutting?

Is Dog Nail Trimming Necessary?

What Happens If I Do Not Trim My Dog’s Nails?

What Happens When You Mix CBD with Melatonin?

How much Melatonin and CBD Should I Use?

Make Dogs More Comfortable during Nail trimming.

How do you use CBD oil for Nail Trimming?

Dog Nail Trimming: How do you do it?

Create a Dog Nail-Trimming Routine.

Is Dog Nail Trimming Necessary?

For indoor dogs frequent trimming, say once a month, is necessary because their nails do not wear down. Outdoor dogs have the advantage that the soil, grass, and other abrasives keep nails from overgrowing.

For either type of dog, you know it is time for a trim if you can hear clicking as the dog walks.

In general, what you must keep in mind is:

  • Veterinarians recommend trimming indoor dog nails at most once or twice per month.
  • Over-trimming can escalate into joint pain, arthritis, infection, and other issues.

What Happens If I do not Trim My Dog’s Nails?

Your reasons for trimming your dog’s nails are:

Tip: digging is a natural behavior that helps the dog sharpen and trim its claws.

What is the Least Painful Way to Trim a Dog’s Nails?

It depends on the dog’s personality. For calm dogs -you need not administer anything.

However, for anxious or aggressive types, we recommend a mix of CBD oil and melatonin. Melatonin is an over-the-counter sedative that improves sleep, corrects hormonal issues, and improves stress, fear, and anxiety.

Lethargy is a common side effect of administering melatonin to a dog.

What Happens When You Mix CBD with Melatonin?

According to veterinarians, CBD oil and melatonin are safe for dogs.

The mixture promises benefits such as;

  • Controlled stress reaction. Dog nail trimming can be stressful or painful if not done right.
  • Through interactions with the endocannabinoid system, CBD oil alters stress reactions and pain perception.
  • Melatonin causes sleep, and at high doses, CBD oil is a mild sedative.
  • The combined effect keeps the dog calm and easier to trim.

How much Melatonin and CBD Should I Use?

Veterinarians recommend between one to seven milligrams of melatonin a day. If the dog weighs below twenty-five pounds, one to three milligrams is recommended.

Dogs that weigh up to one hundred pounds may consume up to seven milligrams. Recommend following manufacturer or veterinarian instructions.

One to ten milligrams of CBD oil for every ten pounds of body weight a day should be enough.

Administer the CBD and melatonin sublingually or in food or beverage.

Will CBD and Other Calming Medications Work?

Dog nail trimming may induce fear and anxiety from mild to severe. For dogs that have an extreme fear of trimming, calming medications such as CBD oil and diazepam may not be enough.

Consequently, sedation is the safest option.

We recommend sedation if;

  • You have safety concerns for yourself or the dog.
  • Some breeds, including pit bulls, can be aggressive or short-tempered.
  • The dog has anxiety issues (symptoms include discomfort, aggression, shaking, and excessive vocalization).
  • The dog attempts to escape or hide (dog may try to make itself as small as possible to avoid trimming).

Make Dogs More Comfortable During Trimming.

For new pet owners, dog nail trimming is a lifelong commitment that can be ruined by a few mistakes. You want the dog to build positive associations with the action.

There is no quick-fix solution for dogs that have an extreme fear of trimming. However, desensitization to foot handling can help.

Desensitization involves actions that help the dog get used to getting its feet and nails touched. You may do that through play or find ways to create positive associations.

Veterinarians recommend:

  • Praise or give the dog a treat/whatever the dog loves whenever the dog does not react negatively to its feet or nails being touched.
  • Ignore unwanted behavior. Punishing or yelling may cause the dog to develop a negative association.

In general, you want dog nail trimming to be a stress-free experience that the animal looks forward to.

How do you use CBD oil for Nail Trimming?

You may administer CBD oil orally or topically to improve nail health and prevent stress reactions. When administered orally, topically, or via other means, CBD interacts with a system of cells that make up the endocannabinoid system.

The benefits of that interaction and CBD exposure are;

  • Short-term and chronic nail pain relief. Massage CBD oil or hemp extract to paws to improve nutrient delivery, relieve pain, and hasten wound healing.
  • Alter mood. CBD has a calming effect and can thus keep the dog in a relaxed state during nail trimming.
  • CBD’s antioxidant action protects the paws and skin from free radical damage.
  • Inflammation prevention and relief.

Dog Nail Trimming: How do you do it?

According to expert opinion, you should;

Create a Dog Nail-Trimming Routine.

Depending on the dog’s activity level and the surface types the animal is exposed to. Trimming once or twice per month should be sufficient.

The factors to consider are not just activity level, you should also consider size and breed.

If you are unsure of how often you should trim, consult a veterinarian to come up with a schedule.

Create a Calm Atmosphere for Trimming.

Trim a dog’s nails when the dog is tired or calm. Prior to trimming, you may indulge the dog in exercise to induce fatigue or sleep.

 We recommend;

  • Patience; you need not trim all four paws in one go.
  • Administer CBD oil or another calming agent.

When done, administer a treat or something else that helps form positive associations.

Also, it is essential to use sharp clippers, grinders, and trimmers.

What to Avoid when Trimming a Dog’s Nails..

Avoid using force, cornering the animal, or inducing fear.

If the animal feels threatened, it may scratch or bite you.

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