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CBD for anxiety: Should I take cannabidiol for flight or travel anxiety?

Travel anxiety, as the name suggests, is the fear of journeying to a new location. One may exhibit symptoms, including rapid heartbeat, agitation, restlessness, and insomnia. It is also possible for some to experience nausea or diarrhea, and some may develop focus or concentration issues. Taking CBD for anxiety can help one remain calm during travel or while in a stressful situation. The compound is believed to encourage positive thoughts and -can lower one’s blood pressure, discouraging impulse behavior. 

Legally, hemp-based CBD is legal across the US and Canada -meaning one may travel with CBD products within federal borders. What may get you in trouble with the law in the US -in some states- is traveling with CBD products that contain above 0.3% THC. 

Do you have travel anxiety this holiday season? How can you tell? And should you take CBD for travel or flight anxiety? Below are all the answers you need.

Is it normal to have anxiety before traveling?

It is normal to feel anxious before or during travel to a new area or country. However, the thought of traveling or leaving your safe space can cause one to develop anxiety symptoms. 

According to estimates, at least 20% of the American population have some form of anxiety disorder. Medical research suggests that anxiety is a stress response. One knows that he has it -if he experiences an increase in blood pressure (you may hear the blood pumping in your ears or turn red if you have lighter skin), one may experience tension, worry, or develop a feeling of doom. 

What causes travel anxiety, and can cannabidiol help?

Stress and anxiety causes are person-specific, meaning what causes you to be anxious is different from another person’s triggers. One may have the fear of the outdoors, large gatherings, viruses, or the fear of the unknown.

What is vital to remember is that fear is inbuilt and ‘cultivated,’ meaning you develop it as a response to your environment.

For instance, the news, watching too many air crash documentaries coupled with fear of heights, experiencing turbulence, or the fear of taking off and landing may combine to make one develop the fear of flying.

The point is. It is necessary to find your triggers. That way, you can find solutions that work. 

Will CBD help with travel anxiety?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is an extract of hemp that has anxiolytic properties. An anxiolytic is a product or compound that relieves or reduces symptoms of anxiety.  How does CBD help with travel anxiety?

How much CBD should I take for flight anxiety?

Medical trials have established that 300 to 600 mg of CBD is enough to relieve anxiety symptoms in adults. According to the linked study, the benefits of CBD use for anxiety are threefold. (1) CBD has an excellent safety profile -that is- if you buy from a trustworthy source. (2) CBD has minimal sedative effects -and one may thus operate a vehicle while on CBD. (3) CBD interacts with CB1R receptors to calm anxiety.

The maximum recommended daily dose for CBD is 1500mg.

Warning. At high doses – above the recommended limits, CBD may cause sedation, sleepiness, and fatigue. It is also recommended that you avoid mixing CBD with alcohol or other drugs that cause sleepiness or fatigue.

How to use CBD to relieve travel anxiety

Travel anxiety can cause symptoms, including:

  • Trembling
  • Weakness or fatigue. 
  • Elevated blood pressure.
  • Gastrointestinal problems, including constipation.
  • Insomnia.
  • Trouble concentrating or focusing. 

CBD relieves said symptoms by first lowering blood pressure. That helps calm your fight-or-flight response.

For greater effect, mental health experts recommend that one combines CBD intake with (1) deep breathing exercises. This will help oxygen flow to the brain. (2) find a distraction or social support. If you are prone to panic attacks, you may travel with someone or something that helps you remain calm.

The point is. CBD helps relieve the physical symptoms of anxiety, and regulates mood, but one must get in the right frame of mind to enjoy these benefits. How do you do it?

CBD for anxiety: How to overcome travel anxiety using CBD.

STEP 1: Choose a CBD product of your liking.

From CBD gummies, oils, tinctures, foods, and treats, you are spoiled for choice. For travel, you want a product that is easy to administer. Pills are easier to control dose, oils can be added to any foods, and CBD gummies and treats can be a good distraction.

Step 2: what are your triggers?

Your triggers could be physical issues such as low blood sugar, fatigue, or stress. It could also be environmental such as noise, people, large moving objects, and so on. When faced with such triggers one may:

  • Practice relaxation. Use CBD to relax your muscle and mind. You should also count your breaths, inhale to the count of four, and exhale to the same count.
  • Practice good posture. Sitting forward or having a bad posture can elevate blood pressure, increasing the risk of a panic attack. Consequently, find yourself a comfortable seat or position.
  • Distract yourself. Fear is in the mind. If you can redirect that energy, then you may find peace. Distractions could be games, a novel, music, and so on.

Coping skills for travel anxiety.

CBD use, coupled with the following lifestyle changes can help relieve and prevent travel anxiety.

  • Socialize. Talking or interacting with others can keep your mind off your triggers.
  • Research your symptoms. Heart disease, drug misuse, chronic pain, respiratory issues, and thyroid problems may cause anxiety. Consequently, find the underlying cause, if there is any. 
  • Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep affects you mentally and physically. 
  • Reduce or stop smoking.
  • Avoid alcohol or recreational drugs while traveling.

Can I travel with CBD oil internationally?

It is ill-advised to cross any international border with cannabis or any of its extracts. CBD is a cannabis or hemp extract, meaning, in some countries it remains a schedule 1 substance. We recommend checking the laws of the country you are traveling to.