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CBD for ADHD: Is it legal to give your child CBD?

In Canada, there are no age restrictions on medical marijuana or CBD. In the US, parents may land into legal problems if they expose their young to cannabinoids, including CBD -depending on state laws.  

On the federal level, CBD extracted from hemp is legal across the country. Is ADHD a qualifying condition for medical marijuana? And can I give CBD oil to a child?

Below is everything you need to know and how CBD oil may help minors living with ADHD avoid legal problems. 

  • ADHD is not a qualifying condition for medical marijuana.
  • Federal laws do not have age restrictions on medical marijuana.
  • State laws may have age restrictions on the purchase and use of CBD or medical marijuana.
  • CBD has an excellent safety profile. 
  • CBD is an anxiolytic, antidepressant, and mood regulator and may thus help persons living with ADHD to better control anger and aggression. 

Is ADHD a risk factor for crime, and can CBD help?

Depending on the dominant symptoms, persons living with ADHD are likely to get into legal problems. Lack of impulse control, inattention, and emotional problems, including anxiety, are contributing factors. 

That is not to say that living with ADHD makes you a bad person. what you need to remember is ADHD is one of the most prevalent mental illnesses that acts on the part of the brain that controls impulses, behaviors, and emotions. 

Additionally, persons living with ADHD are at elevated risk of developing other conditions, including conduct disorder and oppositional defiant disorders. Said disorders may make it difficult to control one’s emotions, including anger. The individual may also have an issue with authority figures.

Symptoms of the condition include:

  • Showing a lack of accountability for one’s actions. 
  • You may get easily annoyed or intentionally annoy others.
  • One may have anger issues. 
  • You may have problems following instructions.

The individual may also exhibit antisocial behavior. 

Anger management and CBD oil for ADHD: Does CBD help with mood regulation?

In the brain, anger begins with the amygdala stimulating the hypothalamus. It is a primitive emotion like fear -that protects you from perceived threats, exploitation, and so on. If you have an intermittent explosive disorder, you may exhibit sudden episodes of angry outbursts, violent behavior, or aggression. 

Can ADHD cause anger issues?

Yes. As mentioned, ADHD can trigger emotional issues, including anger and fear. Left unchecked, anger may escalate into aggression or action. 

Minors living with ADHD are more likely to act on their anger if the environment is characterized by:

  • Rejection, criticism, or trying to fix your child. 
  • Using punishment or violence to regulate behavior.
  • The presence of aggression or anger issues in the home (remember, children reflect their parents or environment).

 Anger is a mood problem that can be regulated through:

  • Getting enough rest. Fatigue can make you irritable or easily triggered. 
  • If the child exhibits aggression, stimulant and-or antipsychotic medications may be necessary to lower aggression and irritability. 
  • The child may also need behavioral therapy and lessons on self-regulation.

Self-regulation means teaching the child or adult how to avoid or remove themselves from triggering situations, how to react to social situations,  avoid frustrations, and how to set boundaries or avoid conflicts. 

What is CBD oil for ADHD, and what can CBD do against anger and aggression?

As a mood regulator, CBD oil, or cannabidiol reduces stress and anxiety symptoms. According to medical and anecdotal evidence, CBD may reduce aggression and anger symptoms. 

The compound calms the brain, relieves blood pressure, and it calms muscles, putting the user in a better position to react positively or without violence in stressful situations. 

How does CBD oil help mood regulation?

 Irritability and aggression are symptoms of anger. If you have an anxiety disorder, a common affliction for persons living with ADHD, you are at elevated risk of acting out anger. 

Research into CBD’s effects on stress and anxiety claims that quote:

CBD displays promise as a tool for reducing anxiety in clinical populations, but given the open-label and nonrandomized nature of this large case series, all results must be interpreted very cautiously.”

According to the linked study’s findings:

  • The majority of test subjects exhibited reduced anxiety and improved sleep quality within the first month. A few reported increased anxiety levels. 

How to prevent anger issues using CBD oil. 

The first step is to get a diagnosis. The benefit of that is you will know if the problem needs medication or therapy or if it is manageable at home. 

CBD is a complementary treatment for ADHD, meaning you may use it alongside therapy and some ADHD medicines. 

To that end:

  • Consult with a GP or mental health specialist to get a diagnosis.
  • Check local laws and do your research on the side effects of recommended medication or CBD. 

For parents: is it legally safe to use CBD to control an aggressive child?

Under the hemp act of 2021, CBD extracted from hemp is legal across all states. The act does not place age restrictions on who may purchase CBD or medical marijuana.

Note that CBD or cannabinoids extracted from cannabis may lead to child abuse charges in some states. Under federal law, any product that contains more than 0.3% THC constitutes marijuana. 

  • State laws may have age restrictions on the purchase of hemp and cannabis-extracted CBD. 
  • The age at which one may legally purchase or use medical marijuana is 21. In some states, there are no age restrictions.

States that do not have age restrictions for purchasing medical marijuana include Texas, Virginia, Nebraska, Maryland, and Missouri. In Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Utah, you must be at least 21 to purchase. 

Is ADHD a qualifying condition for medical marijuana?

No. Most states do not list ADHD as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. Consequently, only adults living with ADHD may purchase and use medical marijuana. 

What to remember:

  • If you are below 21, cannabis use can lead to legal problems for anyone who provides it. 
  • More research is needed on the effect of CBD on ADHD. 

Can minors use CBD for ADHD at school?

If the minor has a qualifying condition, state law may allow use within school grounds -but with restrictions including (1) a qualified school employee must administer and store medical marijuana. (2) use should not hinder the school environment. (3)  The child must not expose cannabinoids to other minors.