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CBD As A Substitute For Body Pain Medicines And Medicines That Cause Body Pain.

The causes of whole-body pain, centralized or decentralized can be illness, injury, lifestyle choices, or an underlying condition.

Can medicines cause pain?

According to medical research, antibiotics, cholesterol-lowering medications, asthma inhalers, painkillers, and antidepressants may cause pain in different parts of the body.

CBD oil, an extract of hemp or cannabis, can help with weight management. The cannabinoid is a vasodilator and bronchodilator, and it has anxiolytic and analgesic effects. You may thus use cannabidiol and hemp extracts as alternative medicine or to complement treatment.

Note: if you are on medication, do not abandon treatment. The following should not be considered medical advice.

We recommend using CBD oil to complement treatment or the side effects of said medicines, such as inflammation and pain. (2)

How Can CBD Be Used As Medicine?

CBD can be used topically, ingested, or inhaled as medicine. The benefits are:

  • CBD massages improve circulation, nutrient delivery, and skin and muscle health through interactions with endocannabinoid receptors distributed throughout the skin.
  • Inhaling vaporized cannabidiol offers high bioavailability, and it can relieve stress, depression, or anxiety symptoms, including rapid heartbeat.
  • For nutrition, hemp extracts, including hemp seed oil, deliver nutrients, minerals, omega acids, antioxidants, flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids.

Note: smoking and vaping can cause pulmonary and cardiovascular health issues. Recommend limiting or avoiding smoking.

Table 1. Medications that cause full body pain and how CBD and hemp extracts can help.

Medicines that cause body pain.Side effects and interactions.What the research says.Hemp and cannabis extracts as substitutes.Additional resources.
Blood pressure medication.If you have high blood pressure, your doctor may prescribe beta blockers. Beta-blockers are safe for individuals who do not have low blood pressure/hypotension and heart failure. But, for a small percentage, beta-blockers may cause problems such as: Insomnia.Nightmares and mood swings.Nausea.Sexual dysfunction.Body pain. You know that you are in an emergency if you develop yellowish skin or eyes, have difficulty breathing, or develop a cough that gets progressively worse.According to new research, anecdotal evidence, and animal models -CBD oil and hemp extracts are effective blood pressure medications. Unlike beta blockers, CBD is unlikely to cause adverse side effects, and the side effects, such as dry mouth or fatigue, dissipate if the user discontinues use. According to several studies, CBD oil reduces resting and active heartbeat.   More research is needed to prove the claims above.If you have high blood pressure and are on prescription medication, it is necessary to inform your doctor before using CBD oil or other alternative medicine. Why? There is the risk of interaction. Also, High blood pressure may indicate an underlying ailment.   What you should do is use CBD oil to prevent or relieve factors that cause and exacerbate high blood pressure, such as stress, insomnia, and depression. CBD is also effective at relieving body pain caused by beta blockers and blood pressure medicines. 
Antibiotics.Some prescription and over-the-counter antibiotics can cause body pain if overused or abused. Users may experience muscle or joint pain and headaches.According to studies, antibiotics should be taken no longer than seven to fourteen days, or as instructed by a physician.   Overusing antibiotics will cause abdominal pain, increase stress levels, and cause changes in appetite.While CBD oil can destroy antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, CBD and hemp extracts are not yet a substitute for antibiotics. Instead, use CBD and hemp extracts to relieve the side effects of antibiotics, such as nausea, body pain, rashes, and abdominal pain. 
Cholesterol-lowering medication.High cholesterol levels can be a sign of unhealthy weight, a sedentary lifestyle, or alcohol or drug abuse.   Cholesterol-lowering medicines are usually prescribed to individuals who are at high risk of cardiovascular disease because of high cholesterol levels.   Some may need cholesterol-lowering medications, including statins, for life. Daily use of statins is problematic in that it can cause muscle pain.From multiple studies, we know that CBD oil is a natural muscle relaxant, and one may use cannabidiol for weight management. In clinical trials,  CBD oil reduces appetite and lowers stress levels (some react to stress by overeating). At high doses, CBD may suppress appetite, and at low doses, it may increase it meaning the hemp experience is not uniform.  CBD oil is not a substitute for cholesterol-lowering medication. However, the cannabinoid can aid weight management and potentially lessen the need for cholesterol medication. If you are looking to shed some pounds, consider adding CBD oil to your diet. 
Antidepressants.Antidepressants are safe to use only in the short term. If you have a condition that causes depression, you may need antibiotics for longer. The issue is, long-term use of antibiotics may cause body pain, and several side effects including weight changes, gastrointestinal issues, vision changes, and in some cases dependence.From research, we know that CBD oil has anxiolytic and analgesic properties. Additionally, some antidepressants work better when administered with CBD and hemp extracts. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you may use CBD as substitute for antidepressants or to complement antidepressants.Depression is a medical condition that requires treatment. According to one study, CBD oil can treat treatment-resistant depression. The benefit is, that unlike antidepressants, the side effects of CBD oil are mild.   How Do You Recover From AntiDepressants Using CBD Oil?
Pain killers.Pain can range from mild to severe.  The causes are many, and there is an abuse potential for painkillers. One of the side effects of overreliance on painkillers is body pain, usually in the abdomen.From research we know that pain killers, especially opioids are damaging and addictive and should thus be used as instructed by a physician. Multiple studies have found that CBD and THC are effective painkillers. Individuals on CBD report a reduced need for opioids and other medicines.CBD can complement or be a substitute for pain killers. For severe pain, we recommend a one to one ratio of CBD to THC. THC is psychoactive and will cause a high. 

Note. The views above should not be interpreted as medical advice. If you are on medication and are considering using CBD, it is necessary to consult a physician.

Remember, CBD may interact with some medications, and there could be underlying issues.




David is a hemp and cannabis researcher with five years of experience in the industry.

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