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CBD Anti-Aging Benefits

A single exposure to CBD is said to cause “significant effects on the longevity and health span of zebrafish.” The study (see below) further claims that cannabidiol affects the metabolism, growth, expression of genes, survival, and reproduction of zebrafish into old age.

The study also claims that CBD may reduce sperm count in old zebrafish.

Do these benefits and demerits transfer to humans? Below is everything you need to know about CBD, skin health, and old age.

Quick take CBD anti-ageing benefits: How does Cannabidiol slow down the aging process?

  • You may add CBD oil to lotions or other skin care products.
  • CBD has proven effects on stress, anxiety, and wrinkles.
  • By lowering anxiety, CBD can help prevent stress-related wrinkles.
  • By inhibiting free radicals and inflammation, CBD can make your skin look and feel younger.
  • There is little to no possibility of developing allergies after exposure to CBD.
  • CBD related allergies may include dry mouth, and fatigue.
  • If you are on medication, consult with your doctor before ingesting or using CBD.

Can CBD make you look younger?


Resigning yourself to the plagues of aging makes you look older than you are. Think about it, the three plagues, helplessness, boredom, and loneliness, contribute to you not taking better care of yourself. Aging starts in the head, goes to the skin, then takes over every facet of your existence.

According to medical research, CBD promises users modulation of brain activity and connectivity in neural systems that are relevant for anxiety and psychosis. Why is this important?

The relationship between wrinkles, “frown lines”, and anxiety. What do I mean?

The more anxious you are, the more wrinkles you will develop. Why? Because mental stress and anxiety increase cortisol levels in the body and have been proven to lower telomere lengths. Telomere refers to protective caps found at the tip of human DNA chromosomes. As you get older, the length gets shorter.

All that activity culminates in increased wrinkling, and loss of elasticity in the skin and collagen.

What is vital to remember is that stress-related wrinkles are curable, and the longer you remain stressed, the more permanent your wrinkles will become.

How does CBD make your skin look younger?

CBD’s role in slowing down the aging process is twofold. (1) CBD reduces anxiety, alleviating the need to frown all day. (2) CBD inhibits free radical damage and skin inflammation reducing dullness, ruddy skin tone, and wrinkles.

How does CBD reduce stress and anxiety?

According to NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse), CBD has been proven to reduce anxiety in rodents. How?

After exposure, the test subjects showed reduced signs of anxiety, including a lower heart rate. The study further concluded, quote:

“CBD has shown efficacy in small human laboratory and clinical trials. CBD reduced anxiety in patients with social anxiety subjected to a stressful public speaking task.”

The study makes two claims:

  • CBD reduces both behavioral and physiological measures of anxiety.
  • CBD aids “extinction learning.” The effect of that is -the user forgets traumatic memories, meaning CBD may have benefits for patients suffering from PTSD-related stress.

How does CBD reduce and prevent wrinkles?

A study by the HSOA Journal of Alternative Complementary and Integrative Medicine”  claims that CBD offers the following benefits for skin health.

  • CBD’s sebum-reducing and anti-inflammatory properties have a positive effect on acne-prone skin.
  • The chemical regulates neurogenesis, migration, and proliferation of MCS. MCS stands for Mesenchymal Stem Cells that have proven effects on immunity, metabolism, and cell renewal properties.
  • Hemp oil is a natural unsaturated oil derived from nature. It is thus a great moisturizer, less pore clogging, and has benefits for cracked/damaged skin.
  • CBD contains essential fatty acids that are good for your skin.

If that is not evidence enough, it is worth noting that hemp oil has been part of human beauty routines for 4000+ years. According to historians, Cleopatra, the famed queen of Egypt, used cannabis oil to keep her skin looking younger.

Beauty without consequence?

Heavily processed anti-aging creams tend to create more problems than they solve. We are talking about allergies, skin degeneration when you stop using the product, and discomfort.

What is different about pure CBD oils is that it is all-natural. Meaning even if you stop using the product. You are less likely to experience long-term issues. Why would you want to stop using CBD?

I cannot find a reason. What we do know about CBD and allergies is:

  • CBD can help alleviate allergy symptoms.
  • A negligible portion of the population is at risk of developing allergies after exposure to CBD.
  • CBD allergy symptoms are mild and go away within a few hours or at most a day. You may experience sneezing, redness, or dry mouth.

In short, CBD reduces and prevents wrinkling because of its antioxidant properties.

What evidence is there to support these claims?

A study by the Aesthetic Surgery Journal claims that a combination of retinol and CBD (CR), quote:

CR-Topical is effective at improving global skin quality, including static and dynamic wrinkles. This study also used 4-dimensional analysis in the evaluation, a novel and developing method.”

Is it true that CBD reduces sperm count in males?

NO. According to the study cited above, CBD may reduce sperm count in older zebrafish, mice, and sea urchins. A lower sperm count could be a consequence of aging.

There is no evidence to support the claim that CBD reduces sperm. Why is this important?

According to a study by the MAYO Clinic, a low sperm count may cause decreased facial and body hair in males. The more hair you lose, the older you may look.

The good news, CBD has a proven effect on male fertility. Medical research indicates that through interactions with endocannabinoid receptors present in sperm and the female reproductive tracts. CBD can improve sperm’s ability to fertilize eggs.

In short, exposure to CBD may lead to better hair retention and fertility.

Some studies contradict the claims above, but what we do know is:

  • CBD can prevent hair loss and help regrowth after hair loss.

What does CBD Oil do to your face?


As mentioned, CBD affects inflammation and sebocyte production. Sebocytes are specialized sebum-producing epithelial cells present in the skin inflammation process.   What happens is Sebocytes communicate and “recruit” immune cells. Through this interaction, Th17 cells trigger pathogenesis leading to acne and other inflammatory skin diseases.

CBD has been proven to reduce sebum production leading to less acne and inflammatory diseases.

A study by the National Library of Medicine concluded that, quote:

 “Our findings suggest that, due to the combined lipostatic, antiproliferative, and antiinflammatory effects, CBD has potential as a promising therapeutic agent for the treatment of acne vulgaris.”

CBD oil for skin: how to use cannabidiol to keep skin looking young

Age, gender, air pollution, nutrition, ethnicity, and sun exposure are the primary contributors to skin aging. You may counteract the effects by doing the following.

How to use CBD to slow down skin aging

As you get older, it is advisable to use products that are kind to your skin. CBD creams, lotions, and related products are marketed for purity. The benefit of using natural chemicals is that they are less toxic and present little to no risk of allergies.

CBD skin creams promise you the following:

  • Skin disease prevention and relief. CBD creams have proven benefits for acne, eczema, psoriasis, and wrinkles.
  • Arthritis. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may have long-lasting effects on arthritis-related pain and inflammation.


Nutrition has a direct impact on skin aging. Consequently, a good diet and regular consumption of CBD can slow down skin aging.

CBD also offers you the following benefits.

  • CBD is non-intoxicant nor psychoactive. We recommend CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC.
  • Multiple medical studies recommend the use of CBD in treating depression, anxiety, autoimmune disease, migraines, and inflammation.

Sun exposure

Exposure to the sun can have a devastating impact on skin health, and so can the use of regular sunscreens. CBD sunscreens prevent sun damage and repair the skin. By itself, CBD will not block harmful UV rays. Other organic compounds that act as catalysts when exposed to the sun will.

The role CBD plays in sunscreen is preventative and reparative. Meaning the compound protects your skin from damage.

Can CBD protect you against air pollution?

Sounds farfetched, but there are CBD air fresheners and diffusers on the market. We recommend using diffusers. Why?

Oil diffusers only require oil. Thus, no propellants or harmful chemicals.

If you decide to invest in air fresheners, go for products that do not contain harmful propellants.  

What are the benefits of inhaling CBD?

Inhaling CBD will benefit you and your family in the following ways:

  • Stress and anxiety relief.
  • Pain relief
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits.

CBD anti-aging benefits: what we know.

  • CBD’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidative properties can help slow down skin aging.  
  • CBD does not have nutritional value -but it can help combat skin illnesses that contribute to damage and aging.
  • Regular use of CBD skin products can prevent and cure skin illnesses including eczema, wrinkles, and dry skin.

Tip: Pure CBD or hemp oil carry little to no risk of allergies. If you are prone to allergies, we recommend spot testing the product before use.

Developmental exposure to cannabidiol (CBD) alters longevity and health span of zebrafish (Danio rerio)