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Is Hemp Extract Good For High Blood Pressure? A User’s Guide.

Is Hemp extract good for high blood pressure? Benefits, potential harms, and how to use hemp to manage blood pressure. Hemp extracts, including hemp seed oil, CBD, flavonoids, terpenes, antioxidants, omega acids, and cannabinoids, can effectively lower blood pressure. That is according to a study published in the National Library of Medicine. However, the best way to use hemp extract for hypertension is with blood pressure medication. Why? Blood pressure medication, depending on the condition that is causing it, is a mix of …

CBD Oil, Stress, And Hypertension: Can Stress Affect Your Blood Pressure?

Stress does not cause hypertension/high blood pressure directly. What happens is repeated episodes of elevated blood pressure coupled with nervous system stimulation trigger the release of hormones that constrict blood vessels, resulting in hypertension (if it goes on for too long). Consequently, temporary spikes in blood pressure are normal. But you must make effort to manage or prevent stress to keep it from escalating into hypertension or something else. Remember, stress hinders immunity, and affects all systems and functions of the body. Stress …
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High Blood Pressure: Causes, Risk Factors, And CBD Oil As A Natural Remedy For Hypertension.

 Hypertension or high blood pressure, occurs when there is excessive pressure on the walls of the arteries. One may experience symptoms such as dizziness and headaches during the initial phase, but the majority do not. If left untreated, high blood pressure can escalate into complications, such as vision problems, kidney disease, and heart failure. CBD oil or cannabidiol, according to medical studies and anecdotal evidence, is effective at lowering hypertension and symptom management. To lower blood pressure, you may use CBD or hemp …
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How Do I Bring My Blood Pressure Down Quickly?

To bring blood pressure down quickly, one may administer prescription medicines such as ACE inhibitors or natural remedies such as CBD oil that relieves symptoms, including rapid heartbeat and stress reaction. You may also meditate, take deep breaths, or practice relaxation. Depending on the condition that is causing high blood pressure, a doctor may prescribe medications anywhere from a few weeks to a lifetime. The issue is sustained use of Ace inhibitors, receptor blockers, beta-blockers, and calcium channel blockers can be …
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What Causes Full Body Aches, And Can CBD And Hemp Extracts Help?

Full body aches can be a consequence of routine changes such as walking longer than you normally do, over-exercising, a symptom of a viral or bacterial infection, or an underlying condition. The majority of underlying conditions that cause full body aches are harmless and can be treated through rest, over-the-counter medication, or CBD and hemp extracts. However, if you get enough rest and see no improvement within three days to a week, it is recommended that you contact a doctor immediately. Remember, early …
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CBD For Older Adults: What Does Cannabidiol Do For The Elderly?

For older adults, that is, if you are above sixty-five, there are numerous therapeutic benefits that you may derive from CBD and hemp products. 1. you may use CBD to manage aches and pain and lessen the need for potentially harmful painkillers. 2. CBD has anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic potential, meaning use may lessen the risk of multiple conditions and relieve existing ones. 3. You may use CBD oil to improve quality of life, as explained below. What does cannabidiol do for older …
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Unlocking The Secret To Healthy Aging: Discover The Surprising Benefits Of Cannabis For Older Adults.

The secret to healthy aging, according to medical research is good nutrition, mental stimulation, social engagement, physical activity, and creating meaningful relationships.  Lack of energy, fatigue, drug use, and anxiety are the main hindrances to healthy aging. What can cannabis and hemp do to support healthy aging? According to some, smoking cannabis or any other substance can accelerate aging. However, there are plenty of antiaging benefits to be gained from cannabis and hemp, and smoking is not the only method of consumption. From recent …
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Healthy Aging With Cannabis: Why Is Brain Stimulation Important For The Elderly?

Brain stimulation, according to medical studies, can lower the risk of physical disabilities and mental health issues. Cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive extract of hemp, can alter brain connectivity patterns and activity during task performance or rest. At low doses, CBD oil is a mild stimulant, and at high doses, it may cause sedation. According to one study, CBD oil can modulate functional brain networks relevant to mental health issues such as stress, depression, or anxiety. Additionally, there is evidence that CBD oil can improve …
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Unlocking The Impact Of Stress Across Ages: Harnessing CBD For Stress Management.

CBD oil and stress management. Benefits and how to use cannabinoids in your teen, adult, and older years. A study published in the National Library of Medicine found that early exposure to stress-inducing events can create changes in the brain that may affect one later in life. Stress is a feeling that we must experience throughout our lives. It is inescapable, but there are ways to manage it. From medical research and anecdotal evidence, we know that stress usually begins during the …
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Unlock the Secret to Reversing Stress-Induced Hair Loss and Seasonal Shedding with Cannabidiol

Stress-induced hair loss, causes, symptoms, and a natural solution. Seasonal changes have an impact on the mind and body. For some, seasonal changes increase hair shedding, and one may also experience irritability, anxiety, and depression. Studies have well documented the effects of stress, normal or seasonal, on the scalp.  Elevated stress levels cause hair follicles to enter a resting phase, and dry hair makes it easier for hair to break. Do you lose hair during winter or other seasons? How do you regain hair …
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What Causes Seasonal Hair Loss, and can Cannabidiol Help?

According to recent studies, telogen effluvium, a condition characterized by thinning hair and a white bulb at the base of the hair, is the main cause of seasonal hair loss. Telogen effluvium, as explained in a previous article, can be stress-related, a consequence of hormonal changes, or it may result from some medications.  Seasonal changes cause stress in some, increasing the risk. Depending on climate, mammals experience increased shedding during the onset of winter and the transition into spring. However, Telogen effluvium is …
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Effective CBD based Strategies for Managing Hair Loss in Aging Dogs.

Hair loss in aging dogs can be a consequence of the effects of aging, an underlying illness, diet, or environmental factors. Parasites, internal or external, may also be a cause. Can CBD oil help hair loss in aging dogs? Veterinary and human studies indicate that cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive extract of hemp, can improve hair volume in as little as six months. Not only that, there is evidence that CBD’s medicinal properties can improve coat and skin health, relax muscles, and calm stress, …