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A natural remedy for hair loss that works,” according to Google, is one of the most frequently searched topics. The suggestions include coconut oil, CBD oil, peppermint, onion Juice, ginseng, scalp massages, and over-the-counter medications such as minoxidil.

What works and what does not?

There is little evidence supporting the effectiveness of most of the mentioned products at taming hair loss. What we do know is that the best way to treat or prevent hair loss is to (1) identify the cause. (2) contact a physician or dermatologist if you are losing too much hair. (3) you must take better care of your scalp.

CBD oil, according to multiple studies, is an effective natural remedy for hair loss. The cannabinoid improves scalp health when massaged, lowers stress levels when ingested or massaged, may improve sleep, and can treat multiple conditions that cause hair loss.

Additionally, when used with other hair loss remedies, CBD oil is unlikely to have adverse side effects.

From scientific papers and a review of anecdotal evidence, below is a list of natural remedies for hair loss and how and why you should combine them with CBD oil and hemp extracts.

We know that CBD oil may increase hair volume and strength in as little as six months. The question is, are there ways to enhance CBD oil’s hair growth potential?

Coconut Oil And CBD Oil: The Perfect Base For Natural Remedy For Hair Loss.

Most ingestible CBD products and hair care products contain coconut oil as a carrier agent.

There are few studies on the effects of coconut oil on hair growth. What we do know is:

  • Coconut oil can fight fungal infections, calm irritation, and protect hair from heat damage.
  • May strengthen hair, lowering the risk of breakage.

From anecdotal evidence, coconut oil may increase hair volume and kill microorganisms such as lice.

Why Use CBD Oil And Coconut Oil As Natural Remedies For Hair Loss?

CBD oil is usually a liquid and more expensive compared to coconut oil. Coconut oil turns into a solid at room temperature, meaning it is easier to apply on hair, and not much will go to waste.

The reason you should combine CBD and coconut oil is:

  • CBD oil is fat-soluble and is thus easier to store in a fat such as coconut oil.
  • Coconut oil’s fatty acids and fat content means it blends perfectly with CBD oil, and the product will be more potent compared to other oils.

The combined benefits of CBD oil and coconut oil for hair loss:

  • CBD and coconut oil have therapeutic potential in the management, treatment, and prevention of multiple ailments that cause hair loss. Irritation, allergies, eczema, and inflammation are examples.
  • CBD and coconut provide a mix of minerals, proteins, fatty acids, and proteins the skin and hair need to maintain good health.
  • Coconut and CBD oil are antioxidants that can help prevent free radical damage.
  • Coconut oil and CBD oil are natural moisturizers. Keeping hair moisturized prevents breakage, damage, and skin/scalp infections.

Note: Coconut oil is a potential allergen or irritant for some. If you are prone to allergies, it is best to stick to hemp or CBD isolates. You may spot-test coconut oil before use.

You may use coconut oil and CBD oil as base oils. We recommend mixing them with:

  • Biotin.
  • Onion juice.
  • Aloe vera.
  • Ginseng.
  • Peppermint.

If you have pattern baldness, or the condition runs in the family, you should consider combining minoxidil, CBD oil and peppermint.

CBD Oil And Menthol -A Remedy For Hair Loss That Dilates Veins.

Lack of adequate blood flow to the scalp is one of the many causes of hair loss, thinning, and breakage.

 Blood delivers nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and all the essentials the scalp needs to maintain health and hair growth.

CBD oil and menthol are vasodilators. Vasodilators dilate veins, promoting healthy circulation.

A study published in the National Library of Medicine found that:

  • Cannabinoids and menthol -extracted from peppermint- was –quote, “superior to oral finasteride, 5% minoxidil once daily foam and CBD topical extract alone.”
  • CBD’s effect on hair growth is dose-dependent.
  • CBD and menthol may trigger the anagen stage of the hair growth cycle.
  • THCV, CBD, and CBDV may trigger significant hair growth in all sexes. We thus recommend sticking to full-spectrum hemp hair care products.
  • Menthol and peppermint may promote the onset of the anagen phase. 

We recommend massaging full-spectrum CBD oil and peppermint/menthol to the scalp.

CBD oil, coconut oil, and onion juice: a go-to natural remedy for hair loss triggered by inflammation or infection.

Onion juice has been for decades a natural remedy for hair loss in multiple cultures. We use it to prevent thinning, dandruff, inflammation, irritation, dryness, and brittleness.

Why does it work?

  • Onion juice is a source of sulfur, an element that gives hair strength and elasticity.
  • Sulfur in onion juice is believed to promote collagen production. Increased collagen production may keep hair from greying prematurely, and it is effective in the management of brittleness and dryness.


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